SAD: Dozens Killed In Vietnam Fireworks Factory Explosion.

Sup Travellers?! As New Years day approaches, the production of fireworks has escalated drastically in order to supply the heavy demand that comes with the auspicious occasion. But sometimes the speedy productions can lead to some devastating ends. It was reported by AFP that as much as 24 people died on Saturday in Vietnam after a military-run fireworks factory about 75 miles north of Hanoi exploded. A lot more were injured in the blast but the exact figure has yet to be extrapolated. The search and rescue operations are currently in full effect as some people are still missing.

It was reported that about 200 people were in the factory at the time of blast. They were reportedly working weekends  in order to have fireworks ready for the the Lunar New Year festival in January. A policeman tells AFP that it appears some of the explosives self-ignited, starting a fire and causing more explosions. Many of those injured in the blast suffered terrible burns, and local hospitals have reportedly been overrun with victims. The explosions also damaged nearby homes, forcing at least 1,000 locals to evacuate.

It's always sad to hear when fellow humans die from such tragic circumstances. Our thoughts are definitely with the family of those who lost their loved ones. May their rest in peace and let's hope that those injured make a speedy recovery. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.