Public Outrage Over The Prime Minister's ‘PNM Duncey Head Children’ Comment.

Sup Travellers?! You would think that after the horrible video of Mrs Persad-Bissessar's drunken speech went viral that the Prime Minister would have learnt a thing a two about stage etiquette. But apparently that's not the case because just last night she made another speech on stage that was just as horrible.

During a public political meeting last night in Bamboo Settlement, the Prime Minister spoke of the Government’s plans for education. That's all well and good, but during her speech she made a statement that no Prime Minister should ever make. Here's what she said, "I say its the same old PNM don't get fooled. Do not get fooled. When I promised you the laptops for your children Mr Rowley came to Parliament and talk about duncey head children. Anybody remembers that? He called our children duncey head children. Today those very same children have the laptop - the internet at their finger tips - and they could get their knowledge from across the world right on their laptops.  The only duncey head children we have are those whom the PNM...Look let me not go there. Not tonight."

The focus is on the statement, "The only duncey head children we have are those whom the PNM...Look let me not go there. Not tonight." That statement caused an outrage by the people who were watching it while it was being broadcast live on the internet. Some people said the PM crossed the line saying that the comment appeared racist. Below is a list of some of the comments made on Facebook:

COMMENT 1: Apparently I'm a dunce..... according to my Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar

COMMENT 2: I want to see the clip before commenting

COMMENT 3: I don't know if this may help

COMMENT 4: hm.Well I guess i duncey now

COMMENT 5: I cyah wait to hear how her PR would clean up this one

COMMENT 6: To think all this time I thought I was a dunce because I failed to educate myself only now to realize it's because I'm a PNM. Thanks aunty Kamz.

COMMENT 7: Is there anything her PR can't clean up? This Government has more PR structure than governance framework. But I have learnt not to waste much effort on the UNC after she got 29 seats which trinis voted for. And whilst she won 5 corporations collective ...

COMMENT 8: After all the mother/grandmother posturing, and after all the Daniel Decree crocodile tears, her latest approach to the issue of child development is to play politics with it. That in itself, is duncey.

COMMENT 9: The best is yet to come. Aunty Kamz promises laptops to these duncey head children if their parents re-elect her in 2015. Makes sense to me.

COMMENT 10: "...the only dunce children is PNM...look, leh me doh go there..." Um, the mic is still on, Madame Prime Minister

I don't know how the Prime Minister is planning on getting out of this one but to be fair, she didn't complete the statement. All we can really do is speculate what she was going to say. I coined a few possible endings to the statement that she didn't finish:

The only duncey head children we have are those whom the PNM had Lunch with yesterday.

The only duncey head children we have are those whom the PNM played Grand Theft Auto 5 with.

The only duncey head children we have are those whom the PNM shared candy and watched Spongebob with.

The only duncey head children we have are those whom the PNM educated.

It could really be anyone of those statements but no matter how you coin the statement it still sounds horrible. I really hope she didn't mean what I think because that in itself would mean that a lot of people in the country are "duncey heads" according to the Prime Minister. I grew up under an education system coined by the PNM. Does that mean i'm a "duncey head?" I don't want to speculate anymore about what she meant by the statement but I think that Mrs. Persad-Bissessar should learn what to say and what not to say on stage. A Prime Minister should never call anyone a "duncey head." THAT'S STUPID!!!! The Prime Minister could complain all she likes about how the media is trying to defame her but we all know that that's not the case. She doesn't need the media to defame her because it seems as though she's doing that all by herself. 

There is also the racist aspect of it which I would not get into right now but i'm sure most of you can figure that out because I know that you people aren't "duncey heads." Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.

QUESTION: What Do You Think About The Prime Minister's Statement On Duncey Head Children?


  1. is not that the same thing as saying smart ppl would vote for the P N M .. implying that if anyone vote other than the P N M that they are DUNCE (not smart).

  2. I think that as a PM, she really should have better prepared and worded that statement. As other articles state and she herself in the speech, she was retaliating to a comment made by the Opposition Leader. I think, for a proper judgement to be passed, we should know exactly what the statement was.

    Regardless, her statement does leave a bitter taste in people's mouth and I do think some damage control needs to be put in order, not to save her skin, but more so she owes it to the younger ones who would be affected by such statements.

  3. Trinis just hate to hear the damn truth..Instead of correcting their ways they are always quick to be offended.I am no fan of Tanty Kamla, but the state of Trinidad with the senseless killings and crimes could only be committed by some DUNCE ASS idiots..

  4. Mrs Kamla has no right to call PNM people duncey.


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