GUEST POST: Party Ideas - A Neon Party

Neon parties are certainly nothing new – they’ve been around on the nightclub circuit for years, but few people are aware of just how easy they are to replicate at home. A neon party is original, it's fun and it looks incredible. If you love to throw parties, but often feel like your ambition outweighs your options, a neon party could be a good idea for your next event. 

Black-light, neon and UV parties come in all sorts of different variations, so it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between what is essential for an event of this kind and what is not. Fortunately, hosting a neon party is actually a lot less complicated than it seems with the help of DNA Kids. Here are some useful tips and tricks that you can use to make your next event a night to remember. 

Location, Location, Location

Location is key when it comes to hosting a neon party. For the best visual effect, you will need to use a space that can be made completely dark. Cover up all doors and windows with heavy curtains or blankets. Keep furniture to a minimum and affix glow sticks to the corners of all remaining tables and chairs. You don’t want guests to leave with bloody shins!

If you do not have room indoors, a neon party can technically be thrown outside. Its visual impact will be greatly affected though, especially during summer – when it does not get dark until 11pm. In fact, the WikiHow guide to throwing a neon party suggests that an empty garage actually works much better than a garden. 

The Lights

The most important bit of your party is of course, the lights. Do shop carefully for the right kind of bulbs. Black-lights are easy to find and relatively inexpensive, but you will need to buy quite a lot of them. Remember, the more lights you use, the better the visual impact of your party. According to college campus website, black-light tubes seem to be the best option for parties. They’re cheap, easy to operate and they can be bought in large numbers. Affix these tubes to the walls and floor of your chosen venue -  a little glue or Sellotape will do the trick. You should spread them as evenly as possible and make sure that there are at least a few placed high up, next to the ceiling. 

For the decorations, there’s nothing more effective or more fun than the humble glow-stick. Glow-sticks are ten a penny, so you should definitely be able to amass quite a big collection. Use half to decorate the room and hand the other half out to your guests as they arrive. Feel free to add strobe lights, fiber optic effects or even a disco ball, if you really want to go all out. 


Having gone to the trouble of throwing what is bound to be the best party in your neighbourhood, you’re going to want to get a bit creative. How about creating signs out of glow-sticks? That way, you can safely direct your guests to the toilet or the punch bowl, without turning on the lights. What about requesting that your guests use body paint on their arms, legs and faces? If all of your guests were to decorate their bodies with glow-in-the-dark ink before the party, the only place that they’re designs could be seen is in your specially adapted party area. The guide to neon parties points out that this type of play can be very useful for pre-teens who are too old for traditional parties, but too young for discos.   


Instruct party guests to wear either white or black if they do not own neon clothing. Encourage them to go wild with coloured highlighters, glow-stick accessories and body paint. If they start glowing as soon as they hit your party room, they’ve done a great job.


  1. Neon parties are so much fun, regardless of age they are a great laugh.


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