CELEBS: Here Is A First Look At Beyonce's New 2014 Calendar. It Will Be 12 Months Of SEXY!

Sup Travellers?! Beyonce is without a doubt one of the sexiest woman on earth. Does anybody disagree with that statetment? If you disagree please go look at some Beyonce music videos right now then come back. If you agree, please take a seat and get ready for 12 months of Beyonce sexiness. 

On Monday Beyonce will be releasing her 2014 calendar filled with pictures of her sexy, toned and polished figure that only Jay Z is blessed enough to have. The calendar will be sold in Beyonce's online store for US$15. Who wouldn't love that, like really? That's 12 months of PURE BEY goodness. Below are a few teaser pics from the calendar that Beyonce teased us with on her page: