Ariana Grande And Big Sean Drop Music Video For Their Song, "Right There."

Sup Travellers?! Today Big Sean and Ariana Grande dropped the amazing music video for their hit song, "Right There." I'm saying that it's amazing because it's almost impossible to say anything negative about Ariana Grande and her work. She's just too damn cute and amazing. I love her. Big Sean was also in the music video and he added a little "streetness" to the music video that was well appreciated. This is the second music video from Ariana Grande that included a rapper and that just makes her so much more cooler in my books. There are a couple moments in pop history where rap actually ruined a good pop song but in this one, rap was the perfect filler. I like it. You can check out the music video below but as you do just remember that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.