6 Found Dead In A House In South Carolina.

Sup Travellers?! Four adults and two children were found shot dead in a South Carolina home in an apparent murder-suicide that police believe was a "domestic-related incident." Before the incident, a man called the sheriff's department and said he was thinking about hurting himself. Officers were then dispatched to the house in Greenwood County but while they were on the way, another caller said shots had been fired in the house. A SWAT team entered the home and found the bodies sprawled out on the floor, according to CNN.

The details surrounding the motive behind the incident aren't crystal clear at the moment. Saying that it was a "domestic-related incident" is just a speculation by the police. But another thing to consider is that the apparent murderer called the police first and stated some of his intentions before doing it. Why the hell would he do that? To me it seems as though he just wanted someone to come clean up the mess when he was done. His intentions were obviously clear from the beginning and he just called the police for some damage control. It's just sad that children had to face the consequences of the man's poor decision. RIP to all. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


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