TRINIDAD: Wayne Kublalsingh Gets Arrested

Sup Travellers?! A couple days ago I reported on the axing of the activist and "Trini celebrity", Wayne Kublalsingh, from his job at the University of the West Indies. Today, I got some more news for you concerning the Kubster [How rude of me? I mean DR. KUBSTER]. According to the Trinidad Express, Wayne Kublalsingh has been arrested today [Was anyone surprised? I wasn't]. He was charged with assault, resisting arrest and obstructing police in the course of their duties. He was granted a bail of TT$10,000 by a Justice of the peace at the Siparia Magistrates' court.

It was said that Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh and his persistent posse interrupted the workers at the proposed construction site of the Mon Desir segment of the Solomon Hochoy Highway extension to Point Fortin.. Him and his posse formed a human barricade around a backhoe that was functioning at the site. The action caused the police to intervene by grabbing Kubster Kubby Uncle Kublal Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh "by the arms and pulled him away, he was fighting back. Then they arrested him and took him away in the vehicle." Kublalsingh is detained at the Fyzabad police station.

I haven't yet figured out what to think about the Highway re-route movement. Who should I support? Kamla Persad Bissdskdsdknsf Bissesar or Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh. The Mon Desir highway does not affect me in any way but according to Kublalsingh the construction of the highway will have implications. But Kamla Persad Bissesar being the PRIME MINISTER of Trinidad and Tobago should know what's best for the country right? Right? Right? She should right? You know what? I'm just going to wait and see how this all plays off but until then, don't forget that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. not a single one of those activist lives in south, and what about how kublal was insulted in uwi by his peers, just as i thought no one knows about it!!!!!!!


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