SAD: One Of The Crazy Men Who Shot And Killed 13 People In Washigton DC Has Been Identified.

Sup Travellers?! Another tragedy beset the US yesterday after when 13 people were shot and killed at the Navy Yard. One of the shooters has been identified by the FBI as 34 year old Aaron Alexis from Fort Worth, Texas. The reason for his senseless killing has not been identified but the investigations are still continuing. It was stated by the Police that there was more than one shooter involved in the onslaught. Read on.

The Washington Post reports that 13 people died in the Navy Yard shooting, including Aaron Alexis. Alexis served four years in the Navy as a full-time reservist, and was discharged in 2011. Sources tell the AP that Alexis has a criminal record and that he was arrested in 2010 for discharging a firearm in public but nonetheless has a concealed carry permit in Texas. During the shooting, he was allegedly carrying a semiautomatic 9mm pistol and an AR-15 assault rifle. There was reportedly a second shooter that accompanied Alexis.

Police are currently searching for the second possible suspect in the shooting, described as a black man between 40 and 50, wearing an olive uniform and armed with a "long gun.". It is important that citizens of Washington DC thread lightly because the man is possibly armed and dangerous. All the details are still a bit fuzzy so I can't really say much right now. However, may all the souls that were lost in yesterday's tragedy rest in peace and may God be with their families. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.