TECH: Yahoo Beats Google For The First Time In Years.

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever heard of Marissa Mayer? Well she is the newest CEO of  the billion dollar company, Yahoo. She was appointed CEO of the company on July 16 2012 after the previous CEO had quit. She was also a long time spokesperson for Google and was with Google since 1999. So Marissa Mayer was definitely the best person to bring Yahoo up to par with its major competitor, Google. And it was that indeed she did. 

Yahoo's biggest competitor in the US online market was Google and according to latest reports from Comscore, Yahoo overtook Google in visitors for the month of July in 2013 in the US. That's the first time Yahoo has bested Google in this measure since April 2011. This makes Marissa Mayer one of the most successful business women in the world. She always was but this definitely settled it. The fact that Yahoo was the number one website in the US for a whole month says a lot. Now please keep in mind that Google still makes way more money than Yahoo on any given day or month. Google is still king of the internet. Facebook came in at number four

When I heard this I was actually shocked. Because of the fact that most of the people I know use Google. I don't think I ever used Yahoo in my life but that's just me. After getting the information I actually checked the site and it's cool. It's definitely cooler that Google but for some reason Google just has me hooked. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.