SAD: 60 Foot Sinkhole Collapses A Three-Story Building Near Walt Disney World.

Sup Travellers?!  Have you ever experienced a sink hole? I hope not because that kind of thing can cause some serious damage to property and even human life. Imagine being swallowed by the earth. Now that's some scary sh*t. So you could imagine how scary it must have been for people in Florida who saw a 60 foot sinkhole swallow a three-story building at a Florida resort near Walt Disney World. Read on.

According to reports from CNN, a 60-foot sinkhole opened under a Florida resort last night, causing one three-story building to collapse and another to slowly sink into the ground. The Summer Bay Resort is about 10 miles away from Walt Disney World. One of the guests of the resort first noticed a "window blowing out" at about 10:30 last night. He told a security guard, who soon witnessed another window breaking.

The guard then ran through the resort telling guests to evacuate. "It was just a lot of popping noise, the ceiling was coming down. I had to run literally end to end of the building to get people out," the guard stated. "As you are running by, pieces of the building are falling down around you." However, despite the apparent danger, all of the guests made it out safely.

In the last couple of months a large amount of sinkholes have been appearing especially within Florida. Now, i'm not sure what's causing the sudden increase in sinkholes but I believe that Hurricane Sandy may have had something to do with it? That's just my personal opinion but i'm not a sinkhole expert so I could be talking a pile of horse sh*t. What I do know however is that one of the ways in which sinkholes are caused are by underground streams that weaken and erode the ground. FACTS!! There are many other ways but i'm not going to go into that right now because as I said, "I'M NOT A SINKHOLE EXPERT!!" Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.