SAD: 21 Year Old Woman With 3 A-levels And 10 GCSEs Kills Herself Because She Couldn't Find A Job.

Sup Travellers?! We all should know that the demand for educated people is decreasing as more and more people become educated. An educated person is no longer rare like it was decades ago. So if you are educated there is a high chance that you may have to dig deep to find a job still. Being educated does make getting a job easier but it's still a difficult task nevertheless. So we could all probably imagine how 21 year old Vicky Harrison from England must have felt. She worked so hard to get her passes but was rejected by as much as 200 jobs. Vicky then went on to kill herself. This incident happened quite a while ago. Three years ago to be exact but this is still a story worth telling because the unemployment levels around the world are getting even worst now. So many more stories like this could arise. Read on.

According to archived reports from the UK Mirror a bright 21-year-old killed herself in 2010 after more than 200 unsuccessful job applications. Vicky Harrison had dreamed of a career as a teacher or a television producer, but gave up hope for the future, her family said yesterday. A day after her latest rejection, and on the eve of her fortnightly trip to sign on, she wrote heartbreaking notes to her parents and boyfriend saying "I don't want to be me any more" and took a huge drug overdose. Her father Tony, 53, said "I lost track of the different types of jobs she applied for. It was really hard seeing her confidence suffer after each rejection. She just wanted to work and earn some cash. I didn't realise how hard it would be to get a job."

Vicky grew up in Darwen, Lancashire, and passed ten good GCSEs at Moorland High School before gaining A-levels in film and media studies and English language at Runshaw College, Leyland. She won a place at South Bank University in London to study film and media studies, but quit after a year because she was not enjoying the course. She was being paid  £51-a-week Jobseeker's Allowance but she still needed a job. She was constantly being rejected even the smallest jobs. She was rejected by supermarkets for simple jobs such as packing shelves and even by food chains such as McDonalds. 

On March 30 Miss Harrison received yet another rejection, from a nursery, and the next day her father found her dead in the lounge, surrounded by empty pill packets and bottles. She left three suicide notes  - one each for her parents, and one for her boyfriend, Nathan Haworth, 22.They read: "It's just that I don't want to be me any more." "Please don't be sad. It's not your fault. I want everybody in life to be HAPPY."

Being rejected so many times must have been horrible but not as horrible as being dead. Maybe her 201th application would have been accepted. But she'll never know now, now would she? One must understand that most jobs require you to be a university graduate. So GCSE and A-Levels don't really count for the most part unless it's like the police force or something. But when you give up you'd never know where you could have been. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.