WEIRD: Two Teenage Thieves Caught After Taking Pre-Robbery Selfie.

Sup Travellers?! If it's one thing I've realized is that teenage girls are all the same no matter what country you're in. Teenage girls love to take those selfies. You know those photos where they go in front of a mirror and flash themselves? Yeah, that's a selfie. As innocent as it sounds, selfies may not be suitable for all occasions. If you are going to commit a robbery you probably shouldn't take a selfie right before you do it. Probably not the wisest thing to do but two teenage girls from Sweden thought that it was a pretty legit thing to do. In the end it led to their demise. Read on.

According to reports from a Swedish website called The Local, two teenage girls from Sweden were arrested for suspicion of robbery, after being done in by a selfie they took just before the crime, in black masks and holding knives. Accused of robbing a hamburger joint in Halmstad, Sweden, the two girls were tracked by K9 units back to the girl’s grandparent’s house. The authorities found a knife and a pair of face masks at the home.

"Give me the money otherwise I'll stab you," they said, according to the restaurant chef account of the robbery, wrote the Aftonbladet newspaper. "Calm down, I'll open the till," he responded. The pair managed to get away with 2,420 kronor which is about US$370. While the younger of the two girls is too young to be charged, her 17-year-old accomplice will stand trial on August 2nd. The seized pictures will be used as evidence against the teen, as will DNA traces taken from her balaclava.

If they had put the photo on instagram I could only imagine how the caption will be, "OMG, My girl and I all prettied up to go rob a store #stupids #dumb #idiots." I feel like if the police would have found them anyway but I must commend the girls on making the arrest as easy as possible. How thoughtful were they? Helping out the police and stuff with all the evidence that they need. Making their jobs easier. Such thoughtful teenagers...LOL Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.