WEIRD: "Dead" Woman Comes Back To Life While Doctors Were Removing Her Organs.

Sup Travellers?! How would you feel if you open your eyes after being pronounced dead and seeing a group of doctors with scalpels in their hands trying to remove your organs? You'd probably not feel all too well. So we can all imagine how Mr. Colleen Burns felt because that's exactly what she had been through. Read on.

According to reports from the Huffington Post, a group of doctors at St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center in New York were preparing to remove the organs of a "dead" 41 year old woman when the woman opened her eyes on them. This happened in 2009 but there was a twist to the entire thing. St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center eventually got fined $6,000 by the state after investigators found a series of mistakes in the entire conundrum. The doctors disregarded a nurse's observation that the patient had been showing signs of improvement and was not, in fact, dead. The woman had overdosed on Xanax and other drugs, and doctors concluded she had suffered not only a "cardiac death" but irreversible brain damage. Neither was the case.


Doctors scheduled the organ removal even after a nurse noticed that the woman's toes curled during a reflex exam; she also appeared to be breathing independently of her respirator. And still, the operation went forward, or would have had the woman not opened her eyes. The patient was released from the hospital two weeks after the incident, but she killed herself more than a year later, in 2011. Details are just now coming to light thanks to a Freedom of information Act request by the Post-Standard.

Not much information about this was revealed back in 2009 but thanks to Freedom of information we can all share in this story. In 2009 the headline was simply that a dead woman came back to life but further investigations show that she was in fact not dead. I think what did it for me is hearing that the woman killed herself a year after the incident. That was sad. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. Only $6000? Don't those 'doctors' make more than that?


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