WEIRD: Brazilian Virgin Who Sold Her Virginity For $780,000 Didn't Lose Her Virginity.

Sup Travellers?! October of last year I wrote an article about a 21 year old Brazilian woman who sold her virginity in an auction for USD$780,000. I deleted the article and I can't remember why I did. However it seems that the 21 year old was defrauded. Even after selling her virginity her flower pot is still intact. Her curtains are still closed. Her jeans are still tight. If you know what I mean. She had a botched meeting with the man who she sold her virginity to but things seemingly didn't get steamy.

The auction was part of a documentary entitled Virgins Wanted directed by Justin Sisely according to reports from the Daily Mail. It turns out the 53 year old Japanese millionaire, Natsu, who paid $780,000 for Migliorini’s virginity, wasn’t quite what Migliorini pictured. While with the man she felt unsafe, and after speaking for an hour at the Museum of Sydney cafe, they parted ways without completing the deal.

Migliorini also claims that the film’s director misled her, exploited her, and generally made her feel like a victim. Furthermore, she alleges Sisely went ahead with the auction without her full consent and she felt pressured to go along with it because “Justin said it would be the best way to draw attention from the media about the project.” Sisely claims Migiliorini did complete the deal with Natsu and he has the footage to prove it even though Migliorini said otherwise.

Migliorini has yet to see a single cent of the auction money, and at this point it may not have even existed. The aspiring model did participate in a lucrative shoot with Playboy Brazil, and has begun writing a book on her experiences. She says  she decided to speak out in order to warn other virgins who are being lured with deception to participate in Sisely’s new reality show about virgins. The show is set to debut at an entertainment trade fair in Cannes this October.


It probably isn't the best idea to sell your virginity online especially to someone that you have never met before. But it surprises me that the reason that she didn't go on with the transaction was because she felt unsafe around the man. What a way to blow $780,000!! But in all fairness, she does have the right to trust her instincts because you never know what could have happened. Maybe he was a killer who sells drugs. I don't know but it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.