TRINIDAD: New Santana Video Released Today Called "Role Models" Watch Here. Viewer Discretion Is Advised.

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever heard of Santana? He is the most popular puppet in Trinidad and Tobago. He is also the most vulgar and explicit puppet. Anyway enough back story. Trinidad and Tobago's favorite puppet is back in a brand new episode. The big man himself, Roger Alexis, dropped a fresh episode of Santana today on Lexo TV and it's funny as hell.

The name of the episode is Role Models and it basically shows a youth man following the examples set by the elderly people in his society. The episode was made in a funny light but it has a profound message. The youths are looking up to the elderly people and we need to set a good example and be good role models.
Please note however that the video is very explicit so viewer discretion is advised.


  1. Love it.. It is such a reflection of us... THE MESSAGE WAS WELL RECEIVED !!!

  2. Sweet......mommy ur whore

  3. another great video....cant wait for another to come out...


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