TRINIDAD: 8 Year Old Trinidadian Girl Dies In A Tragic Accident Involving A Security Guard.

Sup Travellers?! I got some sad news for you. Just recently, an 8 year old girl was knocked down by a security vehicle while crossing the street. She was reported to have been thrown several feet in the air after she was knocked down. She managed to survive the initial impact but sadly, she died later at the Port of Spain General Hospital. Read on for more details.

According to reports from the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, at about 7.55 pm on Monday, a silver-coloured panel van driven by a security guard was proceeding south along Lady Young Road when the vehicle crashed into a group of people who were crossing the road.. One of the persons, Shaniqua Mars, eight, was thrown several feet in the air on impact. 

Shaniqua was rushed to the Port-of-Spain General where the doctors and surgeons worked tirelessly to try to keep the girl alive but at 9:50 pm the same day, she succumbed to her injuries. According to the hospital reports, young Shaniqua died from massive blood loss and fractures. The security company associated with the vehicle has not been revealed to the public just yet.

Should the security company associated with the van that crashed into young Shaniqua take the hit for the mishap or should it be just the driver? If the security company is revealed then it is obvious that it would tarnish their name because of the fact that it's a security company. Let's say that one KFC branch sells someone bad chicken then every KFC will feel the hit right? I know that it's a horrible comparison but I hope you get my point. This could be a case of "Peter pay for Paul and Paul pay for all." But all in all, my heart goes out to the family of young Shaniqua and may her soul rest in peace. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.