SAD: 19 Firefighters Dead In Arizona.

Sup Travellers?! It's summertime in the USA and the place is hot. The extreme heat seems to be having some negative tolls on US citizens recently. It is recorded that it is one of the worst summers in the US in terms of heat. Recently a crew of about 19 elite firefighters lost their life while trying to control a fast moving wildfire in Central Arizona. Crazy enough, the fire wasn't caused by the extreme heat Read on.

According to reports from Arizona Republic, 19 elite firefighters lost their lives while trying to control a fast moving wildfire in Central Arizona.  Eighteen of the men were part of the Granite Mountain Hotshots crew from Prescott. An additional crew member wasn't with his team and survived; the deaths wiped out 20% of the town's firefighting-force. "It's a dark day," Arizona State Forestry spokesman Mike Reichling told the Republic. The previous deadliest wildland fire struck in 1933, in the form of a Los Angeles fire that killed 25. Yesterday's deaths marked the deadliest day for firefighters since 9/11, adds CNN.


The firefighters had deployed their emergency fire shelters, tent-like structures that the Republic describes "as a last resort to withstand the fire as it blows over." Officials say some of the dead were found in their shelters, while others were outside of them. The Prescott fire chief says of the shelters, "there's usually only sometimes a 50% chance that they survive." The Yarnell Hill Fire, which began Friday afternoon about 80 miles northwest of Phoenix after a lightning strike and has now spread to 8,000 acres, is expected to destroy about half of the town's 500 homes, authorities said. About 250 firefighters were trying to contain it as of Saturday night.

When you enter a job like the Fire service, you go into it knowing that your life is on the line. It was still really sad that these 19 firefighters had to die. My heart goes out to all the families who lost their loved ones in the flame. RIP. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.