ENTERTAINMENT: How Much Money Did The Wolverine Make/Gross In Its Opening Weekend?

Sup Travellers?! Depending on what country you are from you've probably seen The Wolverine. I hope it was a good movie because i'm planning to go see it soon. But if it's a good movie or a horrible movie it didn't really change the fact that the Hugh Jackman filmed scored big bucks in its domestic opening weekend.

The Wolverine debuted this weekend in the US and it managed to claw its way to the very top of the Box office with an epic opening of $55 million. Now if you know anything about box office figures then you'd know that $55 million is a lot of money to make on debut. It isn't enough to break records but it's definitely enough to break the bank.

Despite the film's success it still made $10 million less than it was expected to make, notes the Hollywood Reporter. However it did score better internationally with a gross figure of $86.1 million—together, enough to cover the $120 million it cost to make. In second place, low-budget horror flick The Conjuring brought in another $22.1 million, followed by Despicable Me 2 ($16 million), Turbo ($13.3 million), and Grown Ups 2 ($11.5 million).