SAD: At least 119 People Dead In A Building Fire At A Poultry Plant...

Sup Travellers?! Just when I was about to say that this week started off really well, things got bad. It seems as though you just can't stop tragedy from occurring anymore. It just tends to happen every single week and it has been a continuous trend. This week, 119 people have died in a fire at a poultry plant in northeast China. Read on.

At least 119 workers were killed and dozens more injured when fire swept through a poultry plant in northeast China early today, trapping workers inside a slaughterhouse, the AP reports. Surviving workers say the gate was locked when the fire broke out. A loud bang was heard before the fire and the surrounding area has been evacuated because of the risk of ammonia leakage. Firefighters took six hours to bring the blaze, which destroyed much of the facility, under control.


"I started working at 6am along with another 100 workers in my workshop. There were two workshops in the plant," a woman who suffered burns while escaping the inferno tells Xinhua. "Soon after, someone shouted 'run away!' and we quickly ran to the exit," she says. "Suddenly, the lights inside went out and the plant got quite dark."

My heart goes out to all the folks who lost their lives today in China and their families. This is just horrific. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.