CELEBS: Adele Finally Reveals Her 8 Month Old Son To Public. See Photo Here.

Sup Travellers?! Everyone wants to know what's happening with their favorite celebrities hence the reason that there's a profession called paparazzi. However, the paparazzi haven't been doing much of a good job when it comes to getting information about Adele's son. He was born 8 months ago and no one has been able to snap a picture of him or even get his name until now. Well played Adele....

Adele and her son, Angelo were snapped out at the zoo in Central Park a few days ago.  The little tot was enjoying the animals in a pair of green pants, white top, and white fishing style hat while his British vocalist mum enjoyed the day in a simple blue dress with a top knot ‘do. The resolution of the photo isn't 100% but that's all that we got so we are going to have to do with it for now.


Baby Angelo, if that is his name, was born last October to Adele and her boyfriend of two years Simon Konecki. While the boy is referred to publicly as Angelo, the couple has not officially released their son’s name. The moniker was taken from a necklace worn by the singer while out soon after her son’s birth.

We must admit that Adele did a really good job in keeping information about her son private. But as a celebrity, you can only keep your private affairs secret for only so long. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.