WEIRD: Man Shoots Girl Because She Looked A Skunk........

Sup Travellers?! Everyday you can always find a weird story that just makes you lose your faith in humanity even more. Thank you very much humanity.... Thank you. Hear this. If you shoot someone, chances are that you will go to jail or be charged. However, if you shoot someone because they looked like a skunk then chances are that you will not go to jail nor will you be charged. Very simple logic.

According to reports from a man from Pennsylvania shot his little 9 year old cousin in the shoulder after confusing her for a skunk. Thomas Grant, 24, pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of assault and reckless endangerment on Monday and he also admitted to shooting his 9 year old cousin during a Halloween party in October of 2012. 

Grant said he thought the girl, who was wearing a black costume with a white tail, was a skunk and he shot her. Apparently his excuse was deemed as valid in the court of law and he would not face charges nor will he go to jail. Grant will serve a two-year probation and pay restitution to the victim’s family. His hunting privileges have also been revoked during his probation, the Beaver County Times reported.


The incident occurred during a hide-and-seek game at a Halloween party. The victim, who was in a black costume with a white feather or tassel on her hat, was lying face down and motionless when Grant shot her, thinking she was a skunk.

Grant's mother later told officers that she had seen a skunk earlier in the event and asked him to shoot it. So we can blame the mother for the whole thing. He was just trying to make his mother proud. Poor Grant. But all in all, thank God that the little girl is okay. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.