WEIRD: Man Finds A Super Expensive Superman Comic In An Old House.

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever stumbled upon a gold mine? Or maybe even an oil field? Or how about just a super rare super man comic book? Well all of these things have the potential to make you a rich person, just ask David Gonzalez. This man bought an abandoned home but in the end managed to find something more expensive than the entire house itself. How lucky can one man get? Read on.

According to reports from the Minneapolis Star Tribune,  David Gonzalez bought an abandoned home in Elbow Lake, Minnesota, for about US$10,000. His plan was to just re model the house, but he got a bit more than he bargained for. In the walls of the house, amid the newspapers used as insulation, Gonzalez found a copy of the Holy Grail of comic books: 1938's Action Comics #1, the first ever appearance of Superman. He's auctioning it off, and the current bid is more than US$113,000. The auction ends on June 11 so the bid can increase.


However, there is one thing that sucks about this whole story. The comic itself is worth about US$2 million but the one that Gonzalez found was in really really poor condition so US$2 million is a bit of a no deal. And what made it even worst is  when Gonzalez invited his in-laws to look at his find, his wife's aunt grabbed the comic; Gonzalez grabbed it back, and the back cover tore. "That was a $75,000 tear," says the co-owner of the auction house selling the book. Even so, collectors have been wowed by the book, considering it's never been traded or resold and is "like a virgin comic," says another co-owner.  "I always wanted a 1992 Camaro IROC Z28," David tells the New York Daily News. "I think I have enough money to buy my Camaro now." He also plans to pay off his house and truck, and his wife will finish school.

Not everyone gets that lucky to find such a rare comic book. Too bad that it was in poor condition, he would have easily joined the millionaire ranks if it wasn't. But, he's still raking in a lot of cash for his find, so I don't think that it's a big deal if he he's not getting the initial worth. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.