TRINIDAD: Medical Student From Trinidad And Tobago Commits Suicide.

Sup Travellers?! It kills me inside when I hear about someone with potential waste away their life with the act of suicide. You never know what that person could have become. So you could see how much it sucks for me to hear about the suicide of a medical student from Trinidad and Tobago.

According to reports from the Trinidad Express, a medical student, who celebrated his 25th birthday three days ago, was found dead inside a hotel room in San Fernando on Tuesday. Robert Stewart Baksh, who checked in at Royal Hotel on Tuesday, was found with a plastic bag over his head. The bag was connected to a tank containing gas, police said.

The strange thing about it is that Baksh didn't kill himself in a very conventional way. He didn't drink bleach, drink gramoxone, or even hang himself. He created a device called the suicide bag. Why would he go through all that trouble to end his life? Doctors said that the form of suicide he chose was quick and painless. It's quite obvious that he planned his suicide out very carefully. The Trinidad Express reported that two suicide notes were found inside the room—one to Baksh’s family and the other explaining why he decided to end his life.


Baksh wrote that he was depressed over the death of a friend from cancer in the United States, police said. Police found Baksh's body lying on the bed with the gas tank still connected to the bag. A neighbour of Baksh at his home in Manjack Street, Vistabella, said Baksh was depressed in recent days. He said Baksh began shouting at relatives on Tuesday and left the house with a suitcase.

Suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse. Suicide just eliminates the possibility of life ever getting better. I know a lot of people who have been through a lot of crap in their life but still was able to find a silver lining. Suicide should never be an option no matter how messy sh*t looks. Maybe Baksh just needed to be motivated or inspired by someone. Someone probably needed to be there for him in his time of great grief. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed


  1. -Baksk came into this world he look around he did not like what he saw and he left, God bless his soul.

  2. -Baksh came into this world he did not like what he saw and he quickly left, i don`t blame him, it is a horrible world, may God bless his soul. Quick and painless that was brilliant ROBERT, you did not loose anything in this world but the world lost a great soul, thanks for popping in, the world do not deserve you, sure you have more important things to do. LOVE YOU.


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