TRINIDAD: The Diego Martin Horror Story..

Sup Travellers?! This weekend started off pretty cool with very little bad news until I heard about the horrific incidents that occurred in Diego Martin recently. According to reports from The Trinidad Express a Diego Martin family was shot and killed by gunmen.

A 33 year old gang member named Timothy James, a Diego Martin mother and father were all shot dead by gunmen at around 5 p.m on Thursday. The gunmen's main target was the 33 year old son but after the gunmen realized that his parents were also at home, they killed them as well. The four gunmen climbed a steep, treacherous hill and located their target, gang member Timothy James. He was outside his house when they found him and shot him. His parents, George James, 50, and Theresa Nelson, 55, walked out their house when they heard the gunshots. The gunmen then turned to them and opened fire, hitting both James and Nelson several times about their bodies. They died instantly


It was also reported by the Trinidad Express that earlier that same day in a totally unrelated but related incident, another man by the name of Andre Ross was killed in Diego Martin. The man is said to be the first cousin of the murdered gang member. It took place at around 3 p.m. on Sierra Leone Road, Diego Martin, where gunmen walked up to the 20-year-old Andre Ross, who was walking along the road, and shot him several times about the body, killing him on the spot.

This is the worst news I heard for the week. It wasn't just one man that died but him and his family. Timothy probably pissed off the gunman and was probably guilty of something but his parents didn't do anything. Sigh. I hope that Justice is served. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed


  1. Is this the place you call Paradise and is God, a trini. Does God live in this place? Well, He won't be pleased to see what is happening in Trinidad.

    Well, you cannot have a policeman for each citizen, but at least the Government could enforce the laws. They hammer out laws in Parliament, pass them and then throw them in a corner. This is extremely sad.

    Start making the parents accountable for their children under the age of 18. I see children at the age of 7 - 10 in the streets at nights. They are obviously being used by criminals for whatever reason. I could go on and on and...

    The monsters that were created by the Government of the day many years ago are coming back to haunt our society. The shift school system, the introduction of the maxi-taxi, the jamaican music, Basdeo Panday's agreement to the deportation order from the US, the freeing up of the peoples of the Caribbean to move wherever, whenever, however they want to, but let's face it, everyone wants to live and work in Trinidad, but noone wants to go and live elsewhere in the Caribbean.

    The list is endless, but I'll stop here and in my humble opinion, these are some of the causes that led to the Diego Martin horror story.

  2. I believed that Trinidad and Tobago need to be seriously reformed, the police and other authority bodies who are directly contact with the general public need to be structure and reorganized ASAP....THE Law's of the country appears to be bias, it need to be first bound and apply to all citizen not only some. Second, if Trinidad heads of states cannot keep its citizens safe, then by all means the United Nations must step in and eradicate all these corrupted so call authorities and gangs...Nato solders should have the law abiding right to set up base in Trinidad and Tobago...the once upon a time Paradise bless Island ...Sorry but Mrs Parsad , is not qualified enough to run this country and so is her advisers, I suppose she was educated in the golden days, now things change, Education and solution together with technologies change,...its about time T&T some serious action plan implement in place to reassure and rebuild Trinidad and protect its civilians.


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