SAD: Hofstra Student Dies After Being Used As A Human Shield.

Sup Travellers?! There is never a shortage of things to write about these days. Every single day there is a bunch of crazy and sad news to report on. And in all of it there is always one stupid folk who deserves to be locked away from society. Just recently, an ex con by the name of Dalton Smith used a young student as a human shield while the police shot at him. They both died.... Read on.

According to reports from the New York Daily News, a 21 year old Hofstra University junior named Andrea Rebello was killed by a bullet fired by police during a home invasion. Police say the fatal bullet was one of eight fired by a veteran cop as ex-con Dalton Smith used Rebello as a human shield, and screamed "I'm going to kill her;" the other seven rounds struck Smith, who also died in the shootout.


The whole scenario began when Andrea's front door was left open when her friend quickly went outside to move a car. Smith saw the open door and decided to walk into the house and attempt to grab the student. 

An officer responding to a 911 call made it inside the house unbeknown to Smith, the Daily News adds. As Smith hustled Rebello toward a back door, he spotted the cop, and moved “her even closer to his body," says the police spokesman. As he pointed his gun at the cop, the cop opened fire, killing both the student and the ex con. The officer is on sick leave. Rebello's twin sister, Jessica, escaped the house alive. Smith had an extensive criminal history, and an arrest warrant had been issued late last month after he'd been released in February on parole.

Not really sure who's at fault here. Was it the cop for shooting so recklessly? Was it the ex con for using Andrea as a human shield? Or was it the friend that left the door wide open? Everyone was just simply being themselves in the situation. The cop was being a cop. the ex con was being an ex con and the juniors were being juniors. But when you put all of them in the same room, you get a tragedy. RIP Andrea. My heart goes out to her family. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.