CELEBS: Lil Wayne Is Engaged.

Sup Travellers?! Lil Wayne has been a real hot mess lately, especially in regard to his health but the rap star now has one noble act under his belt. He's engaged!! Well supposedly. Now I am not to sure how long ago he got engaged because Lil Wayne was really good in keeping it a secret.

In a new MTV show called "The Show With Vinny" Lil Wayne revealed that he was engaged. Unless Lil Wayne was just bullsh*tting us all, the guy has got an Italian chick under lockdown. Wayne, 30, has been dating Dhea Sodano for nearly two years, and when he appeared on Vinny’s show he insinuated that she was more than just his girlfriend! Dhea is the woman in the photo above.


When Vinny asks Wayne if he’s ever eaten Italian food before, he replies, “My fiancĂ©e is Italian.” Vinny’s mother then asks where in Italy his lady is from, “Sicily or Naples” and the multi-platinum rapper touts, “Arizona.

Was Weezy kidding? I honestly can't tell. But watch the trailer for Vinny's new reality show and decide for yourself. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.