WEIRD: Teddy Bears Kill More People Than Grizzly Bears.

Sup Travellers?! I was randomly doing some web surfing today when I was suppose to be studying when I found out something that was really interesting. Did you know that teddy bears have killed more people than grizzly bears? This might be shocking news because grizzly bears are so ferocious while teddy bears are just cuddly and harmless. Apparently teddy bears aren't as harmless as we make them out to be.

According to reports from the Child Injury Lawyer Blog teddy bears have killed more people than grizzly bears. The blog stated that in the last 89 years 82 Americans have been killed by bears. However, over 22 deaths have been caused by toys like teddy bears every year.

The majority of the victims were babies and toddlers playing with their toys. Children are at most risk from death from their toys. For instance, small parts in a teddy bear can be a choking hazard (like its eyes). Also, children can trip on teddy bears and fall down a flight of stairs or hit their head on a sharp corner of a table.


Also, a teddy bear once killed 2,500 fish! A teddy bear fell into a pool at a trout hatchery, clogging the pipes. The fish all suffocated and died.

I just found this really interesting and thought i'd share it with you Travellers. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.