WEIRD: Airline Now Charges Passengers By Their Pound In Weight.

Greetings Travellers!! If you love to travel all over the world you going to want to cut down on the twixxies and marshmallows. According to recent reports from Samoa Air is beginning to charge passengers by their weight instead of by the occupation of a seat. So this obviously means that children and light weighted adults are going to cut lots of costs on air travel but the heavier folks are going to have to pay up.

Rates start at $1 per kilo (about 2.2 pounds), which includes the weight of both the flyer and his or her baggage. The CEO explains to ABC Radio why it's fair: "People have always traveled on the basis of their seat, but as any airline operator knows, airplanes don't run on seats," he says. "They run on weight." For longer routes, rates run as high as $4.16 per kilo.


He points out that the fares work in favor of families, whose presumably lightweight children are typically forced to pay the same price as a heavier adult. The airline's website explains the process: You "guesstimate" your weight when booking, and prepay that amount. But "don't worry" about not being exact: The airline will helpfully weigh you again at the airport! (Ryanair recently urged its crew members to slim down in an attempt to cut costs.)

Even if you cut costs on your travelling by losing weight or not it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.