TRINIDAD: No More Crime Watch By Ian Alleyne?

Greetings Travellers!! TV6 has gone full retard... TV6 should never go full retard. According to a mysterious status from the official Ian Alleyne Facebook page, the 'televigilante's' contract with TV6 has ended. Now this actually is not really bad news because it shouldn't be too hard for Ian Alleyne to sign up some more papers to get the show back on.

However, despite the simple solution to the problem, Ian Alleyne's status seems to portray a more grim future to Crime Watch. If you visit Ian Alleyne's official page then you will see the following status:

"BREAKING NEWS!!! This is Ian Alleyne. I would like to announce that my contract with TV6 has come to an end today. It has been a great run. Thanks to all my fans for the support! Stay tuned to see what happens."

It's either someone hacked into Ian Alleyne's profile, he had a little too much to drink or Crime Watch is over.


Now I instantly checked the calendar, only to see that it wasn't April Fools Day. But I strongly believe that TV6 will not let something as simple as paperwork foil the highest rated show on Trinidad and Tobago television. I guess we are really going to have to stay tuned to see what happens because this isn't going to be a silent affair.