SCARY: Reasons Why The New Strain Bird Flu Is Scary To Experts

Greetings Travellers!! Lock your children away, boycott KFC, run as far away from civilization as possible because a new strain of the Bird Flu has entered into the market and according to reports from Reuters, the new strain of Bird Flu is a little bit more bad ass than its predecessor. Despite the WHO's attempts to calm the public by saying that there is no need for panic, the numbers speak for themselves.

Twenty four people from China have been infected with the new strain of Bird flu with seven dead. The US is prepping for the outbreak because it is very easy for the disease to reach other parts of the world from China. The CDC is currently readying a diagnostic kit for states as well as China, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Now here are some facts about the new strain of H1N1 called H7N9:

The H7N9 virus has some experts concerned, the Journal notes: It appears to be more easily transmitted from bird to human than the H5N1 bird flu. The number of cases so far is high for the start of an outbreak. Another cause for worry, experts say: The cases are geographically widespread.

On the other hand, there are no documented cases of transmission between humans, officials note. Authorities are keeping an eye on 621 people close to those infected, says a director in charge of fighting the disease; so far, none have symptoms, he tells Reuters.


The World Health Organization is telling us not to panic: "So far, we really only have sporadic cases of a rare disease, and perhaps it will remain that way. So this is not a time for overreaction," says a rep.

A small silver lining? Chicken McNugget prices have dropped in Shanghai, tweets reporter Rob Schmitz, per Quartz.

Let's just hope that experts can confine the disease and control it before it becomes an epidemic, but if they do or don't it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


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