ENTERTAINMENT: Nicki Minaj Releases Music Video For Her Song High School.

Greetings Travellers!! Yet again we have another music video release. This time is Nicki Minaj's music video, High School, with Lil Wayne. I must say that the music video was alright, nothing to special. Okay maybe i'm exaggerating a little too much. The music video was boring as hell. I think I knocked out midway through the song. All I have to say about this music video is YAAAAAAAWWWWWNNNN!!!

If this is your preference then click play and watch Nicki Minaj's new music video for her song, High School.


  1. yeah ur right it was boring as fuck... at first i thought they were going to do a movie thing which it kinda started off as but then the implied sex scene just killed it and the end was anti climactic...


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