ENTERTAINMENT: Chris Brown Releases Music Video For His Song Fine China.

Greetings Travellers!! Despite all of Chris Brown's troubles it's refreshing to see that the R&B star still finds it fit to bring out new music, a new album and well scripted music videos. Chris Brown released the music video for his song "Fine China" which is the first song in his upcoming album X.

The young prodigy decided to get his Michael Jackson swag on for his new music video. His "MichaelJacksonness" was impecable in his new music video.It had a real Michael Jackson feel to it, and after Ebony Magazine's interview with Chris we now know that it was his intention.

Chris recently told Ebony Magazine:

"With Fine China you can still feel that kinda Off the Wall Michael Jackson vibe but it’s still new and up to date. I really wanted to kind of bring that essence of music back with that single. When you go through the album it’s diverse, it doesn’t just have that one sound."

The song is rumored to be inspired by his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran.