ENTERTAINMENT: Beyonce's New Pepsi Commercial Is Sexier Than Ever..

Greetings Travellers!! Have you once forgotten the reason why you love Beyonce so much? Well Pepsi decided to remind you why in their new Pepsi commercial. It took them a lot of time and $50 million+ to do so but they did it. And yes, Pepsi paid Beyonce $50 million to endorse their brand. It is obvious that they are very serious about life.

The music video was directed by Jake Nava who was responsible for the direction of the “Crazy in Love” and “Baby Boy” videos. The video shows Beyonce looking into her past but embracing her future and obviously she topped it all off with a can of Pepsi. I mean it's obviously impossible to do that level of multitasking without drinking a nice cold can Pepsi.


Beyonce also features her newest song in the song in the background called "Grown Woman". So if you never heard that song you are going to hear a little part of now.

Check out the commercial below: