GUEST POST: Where and When to make the best Adventure Holidays!

Nowadays, people tend to expect more from their holidays. The relaxing beach trip will always be popular, but more and more vacationers want something a bit more active, a bit more adventurous. This article explores some options.

Changing Attitudes.

In the early days of classic tourism, the expectations were fairly low. A short flight and the classic sun, sea and sand were all that was required. Pure relaxation, doing nothing for those precious few days you got off from the office, factory, or whatever your workplace was. Anything more strenuous than a second helping of dessert or the stroll up to the beach bar would have been considered completely beyond the pale.

However, as time went on, people started branching out. Not content to lay in stasis for their fortnight, people sought a bit of adrenaline, a bit of action. More to the point, people sought a more active way of seeing where they were visiting and to interact in a hands-on way with a new culture. What covered all of these bases was the introduction of adventure tours; taking groups of people out on activities or on set itineraries to see different aspects of a destination. Then things kicked up a gear.

Getting Active.

Adventure tours can come in all sorts of guises, running the gamut from relatively tame walking tours to hardcore cycling and water-based activities. Walking is a good, sedate, if still fairly fitness-intensive way of see the world, while cycling allows you to cover further distances. The good thing about these physical tours is that they are often graded, so that you know exactly the fitness levels required before you lace up your walking boots or hop on the saddle. This is handy if you're taking the family along, as a bike ride can become far more onerous if you have lazy types on the back of your tandem!

Around the Globe.

The truly impressive thing about these tours is that they don't always necessitate great physical hardship. Wildlife tours stretch your imagination more than your muscles, as you can view some of the most awe-inspiring nature right before your very eyes.

Also impressive is their scope. From the beautifully barren, icy wastes of Greenland to the humid, jungle tropics of southeast Asia, you can find a tour that will match your expectations exactly. Obviously, certain tours will suit different places - it'll be as hard to ski in Brazil as it would be to get yourself a beaming tan looking at tropical birds in Iceland, but the selection of this kind of trip is half the fun. It's almost an adventure before you leave.

So, what this article has tried to do has open your eyes to a new way of enjoying your holiday. Everyone needs relaxation, but it is often much better to really engage with the country you are visiting and to really get to grips with it, in which case, tours can be just the thing.

Peter Smith is a keen squash player and allotment owner from deepest Cornwall. When he is not dreaming of international squash glory, he writes on travel and leisure topics for a number of online publications. He very much enjoys winter sport adventure tours.