WEIRD: Weave Thief On The Loose!!

Greetings Travellers!! I'm not a thief but if I have to steal anything it'll most likely be stuff like cars, clothes, food, and apple products. The last thing i'd ever think of stealing is a shizload of weaves. Well there are some retards out there that think that stealing weaves is a good idea.

"If the singular of leaves is leaf why isn't the singular of weaves weaf?" Asked by Trinikid.

According to reports from the Urban Daily thieves broke into a Macon, Georgia hair store and stole $35,000 worth of weave....Beweave Believe it or not.

An employee went to the Vega Hair Company store on Friday night and found the back door open. Inside she saw four men with gloves stealing weaves. The guys got away with the weaves indefinitely.

Now, stealing is a normal thing in any country but stealing weaves is just some bogus stuff man. Stealing weaves is like stealing a bootleg Jordan. If you got to steal something atleast steal the real thing, not a cheap imitation. I would have respected them more as bandits if they pulled off real hair from a real head. Now that's the original stuff, all natural. A little tip, never steal bootleg even if it's hair.