WEIRD: Teacher Gets Fired For Letting Her Students Drink Her Blood.

Greetings Travellers!! I always hated teachers because they suck, but things got all topsy turvy up in Sola in Norway. Instead of the teacher sucking, the students sucked.... All of them!! According to reports from Gawker a Norwegian kindergarten teacher found it fit to let her students taste her blood.

The teacher brought a vial of her blood from a doctor's visit, and poured it on a plate for students to touch during "sharing time." The kids "asked if they could touch it and she allowed them," the school's director told Reuters. "Then they asked 'How do we get it off?' so she put her finger in her mouth and the children followed suit."

The number of students that tasted the teacher's blood is unclear but the blood was almost instantly tested for HIV/AIDS among other diseases. If the blood is disease ridden then up to 12 children could be at risk. The teacher did apologize but she was fired anyway.

I really hope that those kids don't contract anything from that retarded teacher.

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  1. It really have some disgusting, despicable ppl out here...smfh


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