WEIRD: Man Is Offering $10,000 To Anyone Who Can Disprove The Book Of Genesis

Greetings Travellers!! Do you want to make $10,000 US? Well there are many avenues in which you can earn that but one way is by challenging a creationist in court. The creationist's name is Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo and he strongly believes that the book of Genesis is a literal account of the universe's origins. He believes that so much that he is willing to put his money where his mouth is by offering anybody $10,000 who could prove him wrong, using science.

However, there is a catch. If the judge is not convinced of the disproval you will have to fork up $10,000 yourself. He's calling the challenge the Literal Genesis Trial, the UK Guardian reports. Anyone who wants to take him up on the offer must also pony up his or her own $10,000; winner takes all.

A dispute resolution model known as a minitrial would be used to hear the arguments from Mastropaolo and his opponent. A bailiff and court reporter will attend, in addition to a judge OKed by both sides. Per the rules, all "evidence must be scientific, that is, objective, valid, reliable, and calibrated." Mastropaolo, who has a PhD in kinesiology and has taught both biomechanics and physiology, says his goal is to heighten the quality of creation science vs. evolution debate. But first he has to find a willing opponent: "They [evolutionists] are not stupid people, they are bright, but they are bright enough to know there is no scientific evidence they can give in a minitrial," he says.

Many people have attempted to prove the book of Genesis wrong but has yet to show much scientific evidence to prove themselves. So the debate goes on. If you want to go through the trouble of trying to prove a man with a phD wrong, you know what to do.

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