TRINIDAD: Full Crowd Comes Out For Project Override In Grand Bazaar.

Greetings Travellers!! When you think of music from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago does alternative rock come to mind? Well alternative rock doesn't come to my mind, I know that for sure. However, it seems as though there is a whole community in Trinidad and Tobago that appreciates alternative rock from the twin islands. At first I was not aware of it until a music promoter from RockstarTT invited me to a concert held by Project Override at Toppers in Grand Bazaar.

My first instinct was to stay home and sleep in my bed but my second instinct convinced me otherwise. I decided to go to the concert in hopes of being entertained. I arrived late but when I did arrive the place was jam packed with people and the music was pumping so hard that I couldn't even hear myself talking. The lead singer of the band, Joshua Boodram, seemed to have the attention of all the girls with his rock star antics and swag. "And to emphasize the point, the girls were within the 7 and 10 bracket."

Joshua Boodram is definitely a rock star but his rapping may not have been the best. Even though the times where he rapped were in sync with the music, I couldn't make out some of the things that he said in his raps and rap is pointless if the lyrics are unrecognizable. So it's either the music was just too loud or rapping just ain't his thing. Luckily he didn't do much rapping so the main attention was on his outstanding and outlandish vocals.

The guys behind the instruments were superb. I rate the instrumentalists 100% for their work. There was not one thing that I could have pinpointed negatively about the instrumentalists. There were on point. I remember when I talked to a really cute girl after the show she said that she rated the drummer and the lead guitarists the most out of everyone in the band. I agree to some extent but the lead vocalists was also a favorite for me except for his rapping. I rate his vocals, i'm not much of a fan of his rapping.

On the Trinikid scale of awesomeness I give Project Override a cool and calm 7/10

My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed


  1. Apparently this person has not been to much shows featuring local rock bands. Although kudos must be given to Project Overide as one of the new up & coming bands on the local rock scene, there are countless other bands out there that he has not witnessed. If you come to Samaan Tree festival, there are a number of bands with a high standard that a lot of the local public has not scene. Saaman Tree has been going for over a decade and has even attracted bands from the Region.
    The truth is that local rock/alternative/metal bands has never been promoted in Trinidad & Tobago....sad Bands like Jointpop, Rahil and other artists continue to put out albums with no promotions in our country.


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