CELEBS: Trinidad James Gets Himself A Blonde Girlfriend?

Greetings Travellers!! You know that guy who calls himself Trinidad James? Well despite many reports that he is ugly as hell he still managed to get himself a sexy blonde mamasita. Now there is still speculation that Trinidad James and his blonde apprentice are just friends but there is also speculation that that they are a little bit more.

I'm not here to spread rumors but simply to lay the facts on the table. Trinidad James was spotted around the town of Atlanta with a blonde bombshell at his side named Mansion Elan. He was spotted flirting with her and also leaving with her. The two have been also seen together before on a few occasions and many conclusions can be made, but I won't make any.

The girl however is no stranger to the spotlight. She is in fact a popular YouTube cover artist who covers rap songs. You can check out her cover of Trinidad James's song below the photos. Please note that the lyrics in the cover may not be suitable for all audiences.


  1. Wait wait wait, that's her!!.. I love to listen to her, atleast she's a cool person


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