CELEBS: LMFAO Member Enters US Open Tennis Playoffs.

Greetings Travellers!! If you're sexy and you know it... WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE YEAH!! If you are aware of that song then you are a normal human being and I acknowledge your existence, if you're not aware of the song then I advise you to hop back on your spaceship.

Anyway, according to reports from Newser Redfoo from LMFAO has entered the US Open national playoffs in hopes of getting a spot in the year's last Grand Slam tennis tournament. Redfoo will play under his actual name, Stefan Gordy, in a California qualifying tournament in June; he's entered in both the singles and mixed doubles categories, and will play doubles with a 17-year-old he's coaching.

"It's always been a dream of mine to play professional tennis," says the 37-year-old rapper, who played as a junior.

What a big change for the LMFAO rapper. From singing funny and catchy tunes with Sky Blu to playing tennis on the big stage. I wish him all the best.

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