12 Gadgets that can Save Money

Daily activities require use of many types of gadgets. These devices come in handy to carry out functions both at home, on road as well as in the office. These appliances are powered by energy or electric power. The cost of power has been rising quite rapidly due to increased demand yet the energy sources are drastically reducing. This has called for countries to try to alleviate the situation by using forums such as 'Kyoto protocol' to address the need of green energy. The countries also offer tax credits as an incentive for consumers to use energy star rated appliances. Some well known gadgets that are at the fore front when it comes to saving money through efficient use of energy include:

Battery chargers eliminate the need to purchase disposable batteries regularly hence saving on cost of purchasing as well as cost of disposing the used batteries.

Charging mats charge devices through induction thereby removing the need of disposable batteries, eliminating the requirement of charging from a fixed charging source such as a wall socket. The mat charges a number of items at the same time hence serving time and energy which is money.
Electricity use monitor: This fixed or hand held gadget monitors how the consumption of electricity is taking place. The gadget will offer insight on the power intensive appliances.

Solar calculators are also quite common; the calculator performs all its functions with no need of charging it via electricity or using portable batteries.

USB flash drive saves on the cost of buying external hard drives, DVD's, or CD's. The flash drive serves the purpose of storing information, music as well as a backup storage device.

Power Supply units only store the energy required and switches off once fully charged. The device is the backup store for power as well as the regulator and protecting equipment from power surges. This saves costs that are attributed to excessive power consumption or damaged equipment due to irregular power.

Solar lighting is one of the best forms of saving money. The cost outlay is only during installation. Monthly electricity bills are completely eliminated. Power is derived from nature free of charge.

Instant shower heads use minimal electricity to only heat the amount of water needed unlike the conventional boilers that heat the whole water tank even when only a small part of it will be used.

Solar laptops offer continuous computing without the need to be near a charging point. This will reduce dependence on the electricity as well as saving time and energy by being able to work in the open fields for longer.

Smart phones also feature power saving options as well as instant shut down when the phone is not being used.

Water filter save money that would be used to purchase water purifiers, heating or treating the water with chemical additives. The filters are very durable if kept away from dust and moisture and are 'one size fits all'. The cost of plastic bottles is also eliminated.

Energy star rated appliances are manufactured to be energy efficient hence saving on money.