WEIRD: Connecticut Man Bites Off His Cousin's Ear During A Fight.....And Swallows It

Connecticut has become a very dangerous place over the last few months. First there was the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown Connecticut and now men eating each other's ears. According to reports a 27 year old  man named Emilio Mendoza bit off his 29 year old cousin's ear after they got into a drunken brawl over loud music. Daily Mail UK stated that Clemente-Perez asked Mendoza to turn down his loud music because he had to work in the morning, but Mendoza started punching him in the head. "WELL THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY!!!!"

Mendoza was allegedly drunk during the brawl and somehow or the other he managed to bite off his cousin's left ear and swallowed the lobe. Officers say Clemente-Perez was bleeding and missing part of his ear when they arrived. He also suffered a broken nose and fractured eye socket. Mendoza is detained on $100,000 bail and the victim who lost his ear was charged with third-degree assault.

The guy just wanted some sleep, I don't get it. He told his cousin to low down the music because he had to work in the morning and needed sleep, but before the conversation ended he lost his ear and he got charged. This story has crazy written all over it. The moral of the story is: Never ask a drunk person to low down their music. Drunk people like loud music.

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