WEIRD: And The Guinness World Record For The Longest Kiss is......

Everybody likes a good kiss, but when you find yourself kissing the person you love for 2 days straight things can get ugly. Especially when one of you needs to use the toilet or sleep or something. This apparently didn't phase nine hopeful couples in Thailand who were dedicated to break the world record for the longest kiss which currently stands at 50 hours, 25 minutes, and one second. The record was set last year in Thailand's annual kissing contest by a same sex couple Nonthawat Charoenkaesornsin and Thanakorn Sitthiamthong.

The event's guidelines allow couples to drink water out of a straw as long as their lips remain sealed. Referees accompany them to a special bathroom throughout the competition. The event this year started and Tuesday and the couples kissed eachother all the way to Valentines day. The results have not been published yet but 50 hours, 25 minutes, and one second is quite a daunting task.

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