TRINIDAD: And Machel Montano's Sentence Is...

Greetings travellers!! I know that i'm a bit a late to the party but my hands were tied. Machel Monday was today and well the place has been officially fogged up. The inside details are so blurry that I can't even see them. According to reports, Machel Montano has been ordered to pay a fine of $27,200 in the court case versus Russel Pollanais. The entertainer was found guilty on five charges- four of which were for assaulting Zen nightclub patrons Gerard Bowrin, Brandis Browne, Janelle Lee Chee, and Russell Pollonais in April, 2007. The fifth charge was for Montano’s use of obscene language. Today’s sentencing followed a previous sentencing adjournment on January 17.

I may sound a bit harsh but I think that that is absolute bullshit kakasplat absurdity. I know some vagrants that make more money than that. $27,200 is no kind of punishment at all to the reigning Soca Monarch champion. All Machel has to do is have one show and he gets double that.

Here is what I think happened: Machel was given the opportunity to break the bank during the Carnival season so that he would be able to pay off his fines and compensation. I think that Machel would have been phased by some jail time, but shit happens, all we need to learn how to do is flush the damn toilet.

Sentencing was also passed on fellow accused Kernel Roberts- the son of the late Lord Aldwyn ‘Kitchener’ Roberts. He was ordered to pay a total of $24,000 in fines and compensation.

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  1. Judges in Trinidad have limited discretionary abilities when it comes to sentencing... certain crimes are adjudged to deserve certain specific punishments, fines or imprisonment. In the same way that Mr Montano should not receive any special treatment because of his fame and wealth, nor should he be punished excessively because of it.


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