Guest Post:Preparing And Packing For Your Upcoming Yacht Charter Holiday Abroad

Whilst sailing on a charter yacht is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to spend your holiday, it does require you to do quite a bit of packing. In order to make sure you don't leave anything essential at home, we have come up with a brief list of must-have items for a sailing holiday.

Pack Lightly
Although packing lightly is good advice for any trip abroad, regardless of whether it is on land or on water, it is especially important when you are travelling by boat, as storage space is extremely limited, even on larger sailing vessels. Moreover, unless you intend to stop over in town frequently and dine out in very formal places, you really don't need much in terms of clothing. Particularly on a yacht charter in a tropical climate, a few sets of light clothing, which can be layered for warmth in the chillier evenings, is sufficient. To ensure that you only bring what you truly need, fill up a medium-sized bag with all that you think is essential, then cut this amount down by half.

When it comes to footwear, it is important to keep in mind that you will not usually be allowed to wear street shoes on board a bareboat yacht charter. Typically, you need to take these off and deposit them in a basket as you board the vessel and put your boat shoes on. Of course, you can always wear flip flops, or even go barefoot if you wish. However, as a general rule of thumb, any footwear worn on the boat must be light soled and clean. If you know you will be swimming in areas where there are sea urchins and sharp rocks, you may also need a pair of rubber water shoes

Make sure to bring along a good collection of swimsuits and swimming trunks, as during an average day of sailing on a bareboat yacht charter, your outfit will usually consist of a basic cover up and a bathing suit. You will really only need other clothing for the evenings, or for when you want to get onto dry land for a while. Luckily, swimsuits are very lightweight and easy to pack, so feel free to bring along several if you wish.

Attire For Dry Land Excursions
For women, a few pairs of shorts along with skirts, tank tops and t-shirts will be fine for most everyday explorations of the local area. If the sun is especially strong and you want to stay covered up, some light coloured jeans or linen trousers (dark colours absorb heat and so are uncomfortable to wear in hot climates) and a light cover up will be fine. The clothing advice for men is quite similar   t-shirts, shorts or lightweight trousers will be fine. If you intend to go out to high end restaurants or bars in the evenings, where the dress code is more conservative, men should bring along one or two evening shirts, whilst women will need a couple of sundresses.

Peter Smith writes regularly for many of the top sailing magazines, blogs and websites. He frequently travels by bareboat yacht charter himself, sailing around the Caribbean and so is considered to be an expert on this particular subject.