GUEST POST: "SimpleWash" Facebook App – Cleans Up your Facebook Profile.

It is human to get carried away by emotion – joy, rage or otherwise and blurt words of profanity, abuse or vulgarity, especially when using social media like Facebook or Twitter. Over a period of time, we regret having done that and we may want to make amends. In a strict sense, it was never practically possible to do that in the past, but there are some ways now by which you can control the damages done. Bringing this feature to you is SimpleWash / FaceWash through a Facebook App.

With Graph Search already working, finding your past history of posting is easy, and when you combine it with SimpleWash, erasing is going to be easy. That way you should be able to give your side of personality a polish you deserve. Maybe it will help you keeping your blurts away from your employer and family members. More than anything else, it will help remove them for your own good. Remember that Facebook’s Graph Search is both boon and bane – boon because you can get discovered easily and bane because your negative side to your personality gets discovered as well.

Here are the little steps you need to take for scrubbing all profanity and undesirable work from your Facebook account. But before you use this app; be aware that SimpleWash can be a little intrusive on your privacy. Check it out – you will need to share your basic information, your email address, profile information like description, birthday, likes and location, and photos. The reason SimpleWash wants this information is to locate the undesirable content.

  1. Click the Get Started button.
  2. Click on “Go to App” on the pop up.
  3. Click on Allow.
  4. Enter the text you want SimpleWash to search and then click on Start to see your post.
  5. Finally clean it up if you want to. 

For most part, using SimpleWash is intuitive. You will be promoted with a list of words, though you may have your own list from which you can choose. It is not always a necessity that you erase only a few words, you can also replace some, or if you prefer you can delete the entire post, if you really want to, by clicking on the link provided.

To make things easy for you, SimpleWash comes with a preconceived list of words, mostly abusive, vulgar and profane, words that you used painlessly when you were college bound and now no longer considered as appropriate for a responsible citizen. In addition to the predetermined words and phrases, you can also choose to create your own list, so that you may not revert back to your old habits and use them subconsciously.

Creating a custom list of words is easy in SimpleWash, and you can simply do it by clicking the “Enter Custom text to Search” which you will see located next to the start button. When you create a list, remember to separate each phrase or word with a comma. Though, the predefined word is adequate, it makes sense to create your word, because you are the one who knows your own habits precisely.

Finally, keep in mind that SimpleWash is still in beta stage. It means you should be prepared to tackle some bizarre behaviors from SimpleWash.

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