ENTERTAINMENT: And Jackie Chan's Last Major Film Ever Will Be......

I was born in the 90's so I can safely say that I grew up watching Jackie Chan's movies. From 'Who am I' to all the Rush Hours and to 'Karate Kid' I have been a fan. So hearing that Jackie Chan is going to hang up the towel on his acting career had me kind of BAMBOOZLED.

Anyway, there is still some good news in J Chan camp. According to reports, the legendary Jackie Chan is bringing out one last film and he wants his latest film to spread the message about how China's national artifacts are being looted and sold. The name of the film is 'Chinese Zodiac' or 'CZ12' and it's about a man who finds and recovers 12 bronze zodiac animal heads historically depicted as being looted from China's Summer Palace by colonialists.

The blockbuster's director, writer, producer and star, Chan said he was upset after seeing three of the bronzes being auctioned while he lived in Hong Kong.

"I wanted to give you and people around the world a message through a movie" about the looting, he told reporters Monday in South Korea.

"I have thought about retiring and in the case of action movies, I think `Chinese Zodiac' may be my last blockbuster-scale action movie," he said.

Chan was in Seoul to promote the movie and attended its South Korean premiere. The film opened in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland in December and is gradually appearing worldwide.

From what Chan said, it is obvious that he is going to retire from the blockbuster action genre. He is getting kind of old so jumping and flipping may not be as easy as it once was for the superstar. However, even though he may not be on the big screen anymore, there is a chance that he might do some small films or feature himself on the television. Or maybe he might just call it quits for life. Any which way he decides to go I will always honor Jackie Chan as one of the greatest actors in the world.

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