WEIRD: Man Bites Off His Girlfriend's Thumb After A Fight.

In every relationship there is always going to be disputes. It's a normal thing to fight, but most couples either make up or just simply go their separate ways. However, the normal way seems to be a little too mainstream for some people, especially for a Florida man by the name of Ricardo Marquis Davis. According to reports, Ricardo was being a good guy carrying his girlfriend to work in his car one lovely evening. The two then got into a heated argument and the woman began pushing his head while he was driving.

Ricardo then decided to bite his girlfriend's thumb off and spit it on the floor.

During the course of the drive down to work they got into a verbal argument, and she basically became upset. She kind of pushed his head, and he responded by biting [her thumb]." Palm Bay police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez said, according to WKMG.

The girlfriend was transported to Holmes Regional Medical Center and treated for a severed left thumb. The nurses reported that the woman continually shouted, "I can't believe he bit my finger off!!"

Davis, of Palm Bay, confessed to biting off his girlfriend's finger and spitting it onto the floorboard. Doctors were not able to reattach the thumb, WESH reports.

Davis is charged with aggravated battery.