TRINIDAD: Trinidad James Signs $2 Million Dollar Contract With Def Jam.

Guess who just joined the Def Jam family? The big man himself from the wonderful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad James. Yes, after a year in the game and one hit, Trinidad James is already signed to a record label. And he isn't just signed to just any record label, he's signed to Def Jam. Do you know who is signed to Def Jam? Rihanna, Kanye West, Jay Z, Frank Ocean, Rick Ross and Ne-yo just to name a few.

So Trinidad James is now rolling with the big boys in Def Jam records. According to reports, the Trinidad born rapper from Atlanta signed a rumoured $2 million dollar contract with Def Jam records just a week after performing at Santos Party House. The crowd at the NYC venue included a number of the label’s executives, including president Joie Manda.

I guess Trinidad James is going to be rolling with a few more gold pieces around his neck in the following weeks.