TRINIDAD: Popular Radio Announcer From 96.1fm Dies In An Accident.

I don't really listen to 96.1fm so i'm not acquainted with any of the radio announcers, but according to reports a popular radio announcer from 96.1 died in a car crash yesterday. Police reported that around 11: 45 pm, 35 year old Gyron Quan, who lived at Sixth Street East, Montague Avenue, Trincity, was driving along the westbound lane of the highway when upon reaching near the El Socorro off ramp, he lost control of his car. The vehicle reportedly spun several times before crashing into a nearby ditch.

A few passer-bys helped the injured 96.1 radio announcer, who was unconscious, and rushed him to the Port of Spain General Hospital, but he succumbed to his injuries at 3 am.

Many of his family and friends mourned over his passing. His 29 year old sister Kimlan spoke of the last things she said to his brother and expressed her remorse about it.

"We’re siblings. So we had a bitter-sweet relationship. We would fight one second, and the other second, we would make up. That is just how we were,” she said.

But last night before he left, I was short with him. He had asked me for water and I told him no, I not going to get him anything because I’m not his wife, and I left him there. He was upset about it, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time because that’s what we do. I knew when he came home today we would make up. So right now it hurts me to know that we will not be making up, and that is the last thing I told my brother before he left the house.

Kimlan said her brother had an engaging personality that drew others towards him, and he was simply a fun person to be around.

Gyron was a popular radio announcer on 96.1fm and he was also the voice of Raj in the popular Youtube show and movie, Santana from Lexo TV